Money Money Money


Today’s advice is about money! To see more advice pieces, you can go to:

  •  My first piece of advice is of course is to save!
  •  If you took out loans, start paying back as soon as you can, don’t continue to put it off. I paid off my undergrad loan in 5 years, grant it that was a different time. It can be done if you are consistent in your payments.
  • Discuss salary only when you know you have the job and don’t bring it up first.
  • Don’t make money your soul objective or reason for getting a job. Do what you love.
  • Do research on what the salary is in your field and have a range that you are willing to negotiate with. Make the negotiation a conversation about your needs and the employers need. Know your worth! Be assertive, not aggressive!
  • Set a budget and stick to it!  Use your credit card wisely! Have one for emergencies only and designate what an “emergency” is for you, mine is usually concert tickets 🙂
  • Don’t spend more than you earn.
  • Splurge every once in a while on a movie or something you really want.
  • Don’t blow your first big paycheck because life happens and you will need it.
  • Plan for emergencies with rainy day money.
  • Learn to comparison shop and look for the best deal
  • Coupons can be your best friend.

Have fun! I know this is a random list, but its things I wish I would have been told after my first job. Money makes the world go round and if you use it wisely, it will work for you.



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