Keeping it Together


The last topic on advice for college grads is how to keep your personal life together.

1) Make time for friends and family. Real life comes at you full steam ahead so make time for the people that you love.

2) I attended the IdeaPOP conference at USC this week and our keynote speaker, Dr. Eileen Hulme, professor of higher education spoke about energy. She said that so many people focus on balance and she discovered that we need to focus on energy. Who takes your energy? Who gives you energy? What takes your energy? What gives you energy? These things are important. Take a week to really focus and see where you get your energy from and where it drains you.  Dr. Hulme also spoke about being yourself and that the biggest energy drain is when you try to be something you are not to please others. That is my suggestion to you for the next week, see where your energy is and is not.

3) Have a fun,lazy day where you do what you want to or feel like. After a year of grad school that met on the weekends, I now give Saturday to myself. Sometimes it’s cleaning my apartment, or doing family history work, or binge watching a favorite t.v. show. Whatever it is, make it something you enjoy that is just for you. We all need “me” time, this can include other people if you want it too.

4) Take time each day to shutdown technology and have an actual conversation with others.  Communication skills are just as important in personal life as they are in the workforce. 

5) This goes into point 5, be present! Be in the moment! When you are talking to someone, really engage in what they are saying and get rid of distractions. This can be difficult, but it’s so important!  Part of having fun is being in the moment, not worrying about what’s coming next or did I remember to do my laundry? Just be present and happy about what you are experiencing. Life is too short.


Be proud of your accomplishments and go forward in life doing what you love!  Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend!!!


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