What I Learned from Hercules





 Hercules 2

I went and saw Hercules last night. It was a decent movie but the whole movie I thought about how I could apply it to careers.

1) Have a good leader- Hercules was a great leader, he believed in his team and in himself. He encouraged them and gave them hope. Hercules really knew his team, he knew their strengths and weaknesses, their talents, and abilities. Get to know your team so you can know how to lead them.

2) Have a good team around you- Hercules realized that he couldn’t accomplish all he did without his team. He appreciated them and told them so. He knew they were important. Let your team know you value them, give them praise so they feel appreciated.

3) Use your strengths- Hercules knew that physical strength was his strength, his team also had strengths that he used to help their cause. His nephew was a great storyteller who told of the legend of Hercules which helped frighten their enemies. Recognize the strength of others and allow them to use them in their job.

4.) Learn who to trust- Hercules thought he could trust Lord Cotys, but he was really wicked. Hercules learned a little too late and caused misfortunes to come upon him and his team. You have to learn early who you can and cannot trust at work and who to be friends with. You can’t be everyone’s friends, but you can always be professional.

5) Recognize your weaknesses so you can overcome them- Hercules suffered great loss and faced demons that he had to overcome to truly become who he was. We all have weaknesses that we need to improve. Recognize what you can improve on and take steps to improve. This may mean asking for help, taking a class, or changing habits. Once you begin the process, you are on your way to becoming the best version of yourself that can make a difference. Hercules knew that he could be great and we need to know that too.



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