Don’t Forget Your Cup!

Southern Belle

Don’t forget your cup that is what I have to tell myself everyday or hear my coworker tell me. You would think I’d remember by now, but some days my hands are full or my mind is on something else and I just forget. It’s a part of my everyday routine and I  can’t function without it, yet I still remind myself to take it with me. It made me think, what else do we forget that we shouldn’t? Did I lock the door? Did I turn off the oven? Do I have my keys? There are so many things we do and so many places we go no wonder we forget things. Life seems so rushed now and we have to remember to slow down.

I think it applies in our careers as well. Are we rushing through it? Are we so busy trying to get to the next level that we don’t appreciate where we are?  Are we enjoying what we are doing or just going through the motions?  What are our priorities or values?

It’s so easy to get bogged down with what we have to do and what’s next that we forget the present. In my job as a career coach I am always learning new ways to help my students and want to be able to carry all of them out, but I have to remember that my most important job is to meet students where they are and go from there.  My students are my priority and as long as I am serving them I know I am doing a good job- they are my cup- I cannot forget them.  There are days I have to work on other things like reports or attending meetings, but all of these things circle back to my students and how they are affected.Ruts are inevitable, we will all have times of going through a rut. During a rut, we have to remind ourselves why we are where we are and why we do what we do. We have to remember our cup.

Tell me what your cup is in comments below.


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