Cut the Crap Get a Job

With summer fast approaching, many of you are looking for a job, right? Are you having any luck? If not, pick up “Cut the Crap, Get a Job!” by Dana Manciagli.

This book takes you step by step through the job search process. It requires a lot from you the reader, looking for a job will become your job. Manciagli is a global career expert with an M.B.A., and her strategies have been successful for many of her clients. Now, she is sharing her secrets with you.

The book is broken up into three sections: the first section is about you being committed to job search, the second section is preparing to win a job and the third is about applying, interviewing and follow-up. Manciagli explains that the way to obtain employment has changed, so your job search must change, too.

“Regardless of what type of job seeker you are, I have good news and bad news. The bad news first: The entire landscape of job searching has changed. It’s a new era and you are not current. The good news: There are experts who want to see you win the job you want in this highly competitive market,” Manciagli wrote.

Manciagli’s goal is for her readers to find a job that they not only need, but want as well.

This is not your typical job search book with tips and tricks; they are included, but the reader has homework assignments to carry out that will help enhance their job search. There is no room for excuses with this book. You are either fully committed to obtaining employment or not.

Each chapter is a progression from the last one. For example, chapter four is to create an outline for your job search and chapter five is to build your job-tracking tool, which is a part of your outline. There is advice on how to use social media to help your job search, along with how to network for jobs, resume tips and tricks and more. Manciagli also offers access to her Cut the Crap website for even more help and info.

“Cut the Crap, Get a Job!” can help you find a job if you do your part. This is what Manciagli wants everyone to understand: your job search is yours, and what you make of it is up to you. If you do not apply the strategies in the book or take the advice, then stick to summer reading.

The book is a helpful and insightful tool for anyone looking for a job. If you are serious about a summer job or a long term one, read this book today and get started with your successful job search.


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