What I Learned When My Laundry Detergent Let Me Down

4 Bottles Laundry Detergent

Think for a minute about your favorite brand or brands. Is it a drink, food, product, or person?   What does it represent to you? Why do you like that brand?

I cannot live without my classic cherry chap stick, Neosporin, I carry a small tube in my purse because you never know, Malcolm Gladwell books, and Dixie Cup products. My daddy has worked at Dixie Cup since I was in 4th grade, I am attached to the brand because it ties me to him.  Neosporin has healed many of my  skinned knees, killer  paper cuts, and various other injuries through the years. Cherry chap stick has been with me through high school, first dates, and the winter which can do a number on my chapped lips.  Malcolm Gladwell was introduced to me in college via The Tipping Point that I read for a marketing class. Years later I  picked it up again and fell in love with his writing. I love his candor, wit, and stories. I read everything he writes and am now wondering when his next book will be written.  I trust these brands because they are reliable and safe.  Now to the laundry detergent. culprit. For years I have used a trusted brand that has not only washed my clothes, but kept my sensitive skin safe until a few weeks ago.  I purchased my safe brand, but in a new  and different scent.  BIG MISTAKE! You never realize how much your life revolves around a good laundry detergent until you cannot comfortably sleep in your sheets because they now make you itch and  your clothes now irritate your skin!  How did this happen? Yes I know I have sensitive skin, but it’s MY detergent- my safe, reliable, trustworthy detergent and now I am  supposed to go find a new detergent?

Obviously, we become attached to our brands.  If we didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten insulted last week when I asked for coke,  the lovely waitress offered that “other beverage”, and  I (chose water instead. (True Story).  Companies and organizations wouldn’t have to compete for consumers, there would be no need for logos, or millions of dollars spent on advertising, and I would be okay drinking that “other beverage’ that is not coca-cola.  That is not the world we live in. We live in a world of preferences, choices, and knowing what we like and trust.  When I was buying new bed sheets for my first apartment, my mama let me know what thread count Oprah approved, Oprah.  Women trust Oprah. Our brands whether it’s a product, person, or a chap stick become part of our lives without us even realizing it.

What does this mean for us? It means that we need to be consistent in our own branding and tread carefully when trying new scents. We need to realize that brands are a part of people’s lives, their memories, and experiences. Always remember our audience and do our best to give them our very best.

What are your favorite brands?

The Tipping Point


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