Try Something New


I have a confession….  Until recently, I, Hanna DeBruhl, pop culture junkie had never seen…. Star Wars.  I know, I know, what is wrong with me? My best friends questioned everything about my life and our friendship  based on this one fact.  Luckily thanks to said friends, I am now caught up to speed and excited for the newest Star Wars movie.

How did this happen may you ask?  Star Wars was just never in my wheelhouse, I didn’t grow up with brothers or date a guy interested in it. Yes, I knew what it was, and knew the characters, but had never sat down to watch this pop culture classic. I can now say that I am glad that I did. I understand and appreciate its greatness.

This experience made  me think about the importance of trying new things and as a career coach, it is important to encourage  students to go outside of their comfort zones.  Students should be allowed to  try new careers or jobs and not  always be set in a linear path. Life doesn’t work that way and you never know what may happen.  Many  students have varied interests and should be encouraged  to try them all out and see where it goes, but also be open to new ideas.  As career development coaches, we should teach our students to not get caught up in job titles, but in using skills, talents, and abilities, in their jobs.  If they have even a slight interest in a career field, give them a taste. Job shadowing and internships are vital to career exploration, hands on experience teaches and gives so much.

Career coaching didn’t fall into my lap, it wasn’t something I knew existed growing up, but it has become my passion.   It all started with my Global Career Development Facilitator course that I took on a whim.  That whim led me to where I am today and I feel blessed for it.   Not all experiences will turn out like mine, but as Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you never take. Yoda said, Do. Or do not. There is no try.

What is something new you’ve done that turned out better than expected?


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