What’s YOUR Heartbeat?

Heartbeat Necklace



Who knew a piece of jewelry would inspire a post?  I own a necklace like the one pictured  for many reasons. It reminded me of the EKG machines I used to be hooked up to on the visits to my cardiologist as a little girl and not necessarily a heartbeat.   Realizing it symbolized a heart beat, I thought, well what is my heart beat? What gives me purpose, what or who  makes my heart skip a beat?  What drives or motivates me?

On a personal level, that’s easy- my heartbeat, my reasons for breathing are my three nephews.  Who makes my heart  skip a beat? Well right now, Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy aka Jax,  Chris Hemsworth as Thor (my favorite Avenger),  and Jon Bon Jovi always. Personal growth, being creative, and helping others drive me.

What about on a professional level?  What drives and keeps us going?  This can be a bit more difficult as we go from day to day, get caught up in a rut at times, or have challenges.  Is it money, power, helping others, teaching, being creative,  or are we not so sure anymore? How do we remember our purpose day in and day out?  It’s not always easy, but it’s so important.  One thing that can help is to look  at a task or project with a different perspective- why is this important? What is the purpose and how or who is it going to help?  Not always looking at something in our “role” or “job title” can help us refocus and remember our heart beat.

As a career coach, I’ve always felt that my students were my heart beat and today I was reminded that they are the reason I coach. I’ve learned that I am people focused and helping others professionally or personally is what makes my heart beat.   This helps me to know that no matter what job I have, it needs to be a job where I am helping others and making a difference.

What is your heartbeat and how can it help you know what job or career may be right for you?


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